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    CAD Knowledge Base is key for research, says FIA Region I Director General Laurianne Krid

    05 March 2020

    FIA Region I’s Director General Laurianne Krid shared her insights on the further deployment of cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) in a recent post for the CAD VIP Blog – a platform developed in the framework of the ARCADE project.

    In her post, Ms Krid voiced why FIA Region I promotes a user-centred approach towards research, testing and pre-deployment of CCAM. Mentioning the results of the survey conducted by ACA (France), she stressed that “even at this stage of the development, users have a lot to say about CCAM. They are concerned about the safety and reliability of automated driving functions and they lack information about their deployment”.

    In her view, the CAD Knowledge Base has consequently a key role in enabling CCAM that is safe and user-centred by fostering coordination among stakeholders and a common understanding of the need of our society. FIA Region I will continue to contribute to the Knowledge Base to ensure the CCAM research will result in safe, affordable and sustainable mobility for all.

    FIA Region I is one of the 23 partners involved in the ARCADE coordination and support action, gathering relevant information on the developments of Connected Automated Driving and creates a one-stop-shop for experts in the field.

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