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    ANWB, NAF and ÖAMTC win 2023 Innovation Awards and BIHAMK wins Affordability Award

    02 June 2023

    ANWB (The Netherlands) won the 2023 Innovation Award with the European EV Charging Club project. The project establishes ANWB as an “eMobility Service Provider” (eMSP) in 2023, where ANWB actively operates its own public EV charging card/app for affordable and seamless charging ‘everywhere’. The project seeks club collaboration to build an unparalleled public charging proposition in Europe.

    NAF (Norway) came in second place with El Prix – the World’s Largest EV Test.  To help future car buyers better understand new technology, NAF invites the cars of the future to Norway for the largest test of its kind. This record-breaking EV test has created electrifying enthusiasm in the Norwegian public and added momentum to the much-needed shift from fossil fuel to electric vehicles.

    Third place went to the ÖAMTC (Austria) for the HV Battery Monitoring Device for EVs. The device is the first of its kind and offers a system that enables full-time monitoring of the battery temperature of a damaged electric vehicle. The monitoring device aims to avoid the fire of the lithium battery during towing or storage of the damaged EV, and the possible spreading of fire to the surroundings.

    The winner of the Affordability Award was BIHAMK (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with the Interactive EV Charging Stations Map. The map was established with the main purpose to facilitate travel for foreign and domestic electric vehicle users within Bosnia and Herzegovina. All charging stations and locations in the country are featured.

    The winners of the 2023 Innovation Awards and the Affordability Award were announced at the FIA Region I Plenary Assembly held on 1 June.

    The Innovation Award is a benchmark to promote and reward Clubs for their creative thinking in new projects and endeavors.