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    Club news: AA UK election manifesto demands that drivers are treated as friends not wallets on wheels

    30 May 2017

    motoring_manifesto_2017__full_documentThe AA UK voices the needs of drivers as it launches its Motoring Manifesto just a week before UK voters head to the polls. The main message of the manifesto is for politicians to treat drivers as friends rather than wallets on wheels. The AA notes that three quarters of drivers fear fuel duty and Insurance Premium Tax will rise after 8 June. An additional third say motoring issues play an important role in deciding who to vote for.

    The manifesto highlights the top priorities of the drivers, namely:

    • Investment in a large scale road improvement strategy
    • Increase the number of specialist police traffic officers
    • Commit to freeze or cut Insurance Premium Tax
    • Commit to installing twice as many Emergency Refuge Areas on Smart Motorways

    Edmund King, AA president says, “our Manifesto aims to shape the debate and challenge parties to think about the needs and desires of drivers. This is the perfect time for politicians to become a ‘friend of the driver’, rather than seeing drivers as a wallet on wheels.”

    Read the manifesto