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    ACTAC’s work to improve the International Driving Licence

    09 January 2017

    The Arab Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs (ACTAC) held its General Assembly as part of the of FIA Annual General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was attended by Jean Todt, FIA President, Thierry Willemarck, FIA Region 1 President, & Mohammed ben Sulayem, Chairman of ACTAC.

    The Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) presented the latest developments in the Intentional Driving Licence (IDL) improvement project that the Club is leading under the supervision of FIA. The document and its security, which has not been updated in nearly 50 years, is under increasing threat from unofficial online vendors and this workshop served to update all member clubs on the pilot of a new IDL as well as improve communications about the product through the member clubs.

    Mohammed ben Sulayem, Chairman of ACTAC, said: “We work with FIA on updating the IDP, which has not been changed in almost 50 years, while we witness rapid changes in the international transportation sector we as the FIA members need to also innovate in this sector. We are pleased that the process is being supervised by the FIA and we are very keen to address this issue through product improvement to add value and to stop the forgeries. We have taken major steps so far, and we are now going to test the modified version of the IDL which we aim to add value to all road users around the world. We are pleased to be the first to adopt this initiative and I would like to thank the team working on this project.”

    The development process mainly focused on the online system which guarantees the provision of the IDL information online, allowing all Clubs issuing it to obtain details about their customers in order to further improve the issuance process.