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    The Road Has E-volved, Share It Safely

    16 September 2021

    Today, the FIA Region I unveils its 2021 road safety campaign on Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs). The campaign raises awareness on the diversity of users on the road and aims to highlight the importance of sharing the road safely.

    PMDs are also known as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs). Both PMDs or PLEVs include electric scooters, monowheels, electric bikes, and other similar devices. These mobility devices have gained popularity in recent years for their easy access and convenience. However, road users are not always aware of traffic regulations or risks that could lead to unsafe traffic situations or road accidents. Sharing the road safely involves respecting traffic regulations, being aware of different users on the road and staying alert while being in road traffic.

    ‘New Personal Mobility Devices complement and enrich the transport offer, while contributing to increased multimodality. Greater variance in the types of vehicle and devices on our roads should not come with greater risks. We must all ensure that this greater variety does not decrease road safety. This will not be the case if we all engage in sharing the road safely,’ stated Laurianne Krid, Director General FIA Region I.

    The campaign has been translated into 13 languages and will roll-out in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Member clubs participating in the campaign will raise awareness on PMDs and the importance of sharing the road safely.

    The FIA Region I road safety campaign is supported by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.