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    Now is the time to ensure consumer choice in the digital automotive aftermarket

    13 March 2018

    On 13 March, the the European Parliament sent a clear message to the European Commission: binding legislation is needed for access connected car data. The recommendation follows concerns that the emerging connected car aftermarket fails to offer consumers free choice of service providers and full control of their data. The European Commission is expected to release a proposal on access to car data in May 2018, however this proposal is likely to be in the form of soft legislation. The European Parliament wants binding obligations to protect driver data. The decision was included as part of a report on the European strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems.

    Laurianne Krid, Director General of FIA Region I said: “The European Parliament has made a strong statement in defence of consumers by calling on the Commission to come up with binding rules for on an open, secure and interoperable telematics platform for in-vehicle data. Coupled with strict data protection and security requirements, this will allow for an equal footing between independent service providers and car makers. Now is the time to ensure consumer choice in what is a rapidly growing digital automotive aftermarket.”

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    The real battle for car data

    Andrea Campbell
    Head of Communications, FIA Region I
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