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    Startups bring innovation to connected mobility via IMPACT

    09 March 2018

    The IMPACT Accelerator Demo Day on 27 February brought together startups to compete for €2.1 million in funding for technologies in connected driving.

    At the event, Olivier Lenz, FIA Region I Programmes Director said: “Startup culture is creating value, in particular by developing innovative ideas, services and products in the world of connected mobility. We appreciate the user-centric approach taken by the IMPACT startups pitching here at the 4YFN Demo Day. There is a two-sided disruption created by the swift development of car connectivity, facing challenges for both the supply side, and on the consumer side. We see a need to build confidence and trust with road users in these connected technologies. As the vast majority of the development relies on data, we must further ensure that all innovations have data protection at heart.”

    IMPACT Connected Car, offers startups a six-month acceleration program, and will distribute up to €2.1 million. Projects selected for the programme will “smartise” their startups while learning from experts in business, technology, corporations and funding. Startups will have access to up to €60,000 per startup, equity free, in grants and an additional €50,000 per startup equity free. Participating startups will be invited to have a special place in the Connected Car Open Space, a new platform that brings together the Connected Car community. Finally, top startups will have the opportunity to receive private funding of up to €200,000 from participating venture capital funds. The FIA supports the project in project evaluation and dissemination.

    4YFN Barcelona hosted the IMPACT Connected Car meetup on 27 and 28 February 2018. 4YFN is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. It enables startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together. 4YFN offers connecting initiatives, such as custom networking activities, technical abilities workshops, congresses, community outreach and open innovation programmes.