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    FIA Region I re-elects Thierry Willemarck as President, confirms Laurianne Krid as Director General

    23 May 2017

    On 18 May, Thierry Willemarck was re-elected as FIA Region I President at the annual Plenary Assembly held in Bruges, Belgium. Laurianne Krid, previously Policy Director, was appointed Director General for the Region I office.

    Thierry Willemarck

    Thierry Willemarck, CEO of Touring Club Belgium, started his career in the oil industry before becoming a CEO with responsibility for Europe and the European Marketing Strategy in this sector. In 2001, he joined Touring Club Belgium, and successfully helped to turn the Club into the fully autonomous and debt free company that it is today. Mr Willemarck has also been centrally involved in the setting up of the FIA University.

    Laurianne Krid

    Laurianne Krid joined the FIA Region I office in January 2009, where, most recently, she held the role of Policy Director. She has been responsible for coordinating the office’s policy work and strategy. Born in France, she holds a master’s degree in political sciences, specialised in EU policies and a master’s in interregional cooperation. Previous to her position within FIA, she worked at the Assembly of European Regions, where she was in charge of animating a network of 260 European members throughout the continent.