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    Road Safety takes centre stage at the FIA Region I Summer Cocktail

    28 June 2018

    On 26 June, FIA Region I held its annual Summer Cocktail. The networking event brought together European Automobile Clubs and over 150 policymakers and stakeholders from the Brussels mobility community.

    Giving a keynote speech at the event and highlighting her commitment to road safety, the European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said, “The safety of road users is very close to my heart. Everyone deserves the best safety and care when enjoying the benefits that mobility brings. That is why in May the European Commission put forward a comprehensive action plan for the next decade 2020-2030, including concrete proposals to improve vehicle and infrastructure safety. The core driver of this work is Vision Zero for road fatalities and serious injuries by 2050. This can only be achieved if we all come together and work towards this goal. I’m therefore grateful to FIA Region I for its consistent drive towards better safety through its campaigns.”

    FIA Region I President, Thomas Møller Thomsen said, “The Commission’s road safety strategy needs to deliver for all citizens. To this end, we accompany the legislation and have released advice based on solid research about how vehicles can be made even safer and which technologies would make the biggest impact. We have also surveyed European road users and found that 87% support making proven advanced vehicle safety technologies standard.”

    FIA President and United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety Jean Todt said, “The FIA is committed to improving road safety globally; this includes addressing main risk factors such as speeding. Recently, Patrick Dempsey has joined the FIA’s #3500LIVES Global Road Safety Campaign to promote the ‘Slow Down for Kids’ rule. We are happy that famous ambassadors have agreed to help us make road safety a priority.”


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