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    Policy Position on Automation

    06 November 2020

    In-vehicle technologies can bring significant safety, efficiency and reliability improvements in the medium-to-long term by assisting drivers in critical situations. Great uncertainties remain as to if, how and when higher levels of automation will be available to regular drivers.

    Industry and policymakers should work together to ensure that opportunities are not overlooked
    and potential obstacles are dealt with in a timely fashion.

    The FIA European Bureau and its member Clubs encourage policymakers and the industry to:

    • Design automated functionalities with the user in mind, with user-friendly Human Machine
      Interfaces and sufficient lead time for drivers to resume driving if necessary
    • Focus efforts on establishing good human-machine interaction to prevent a critical decrease
      of attention and misuse of automated functions
    • Encourage data sharing between private and public actors to make up-to-date,
      standardised digital maps available
    • Promote the education, training, and awareness of driving assistance technologies,
      including the safe use of the systems’ functionalities
    • Organise awareness campaigns to accompany the progressive deployment of automation

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