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    Policy Position on Air Passenger Rights

    28 May 2015

    The long-awaited revision of the Air Passenger Rights Directive 261/2004 aims at clarifying and reinforcing this key piece of consumer protection legislation. While the proposal addresses a number of issues of relevance, a number of improvements could still be achieved:

    • Compensation for long delays and cancellations should be given after 3 hours delay rather than from 5 to 12 hours delay at arrival, as proposed by the Commission
    • The definition of ‘extraordinary circumstances’ should be further specified, so as not to encompass problems which originate from the airlines’ personnel (e.g. strikes) and the non-exhaustive list of circumstances that can be considered extraordinary should be revised accordingly
    • In addition to increased States control on airlines finances and provision of rescue fares, a concrete objective should be set for carriers to ensure that passengers protection is granted
    • Increase price transparency should be given to consumers and additional fees linked to means of payment and luggage should be restricted

    The FIA and its Clubs will contribute to informing passengers about their rights.