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    Parliament calls for EU regulation for access to car data

    20 February 2018

    On 20 February, MEPs in the European Parliament’s Transport Committee voted overwhelmingly in favour of the European Commission developing binding legislation on connected car data. The recommendation of the Committee specifically calls on the Commission to come forward with a regulatory proposal on access to car data by no later than the end of this year.

    Laurianne Krid, Director General of FIA Region I said: “We welcome this call for action from the European Parliament. Now it is time that the Commission develops binding rules that will allow different service providers to compete fairly to provide connected car services. These rules should ensure that consumers have a free choice of service providers, while also providing strict data protection and security.”

    As cars become ever more connected, the need to remotely connect with vehicles in real-time is becoming increasingly important. In order for such connectivity to take place, binding rules and regulations are badly needed to ensure a secure, consumer-friendly and competitive approach that puts independent service providers on a level playing field with car makers.

    The decision was made as part of the draft report on a European strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems access to vehicle data. The report will go to the plenary of the Parliament for a vote expected in the coming months.


    My Car My Data

    The My Car My Data campaign is about empowering consumers, educating them about vehicle connectivity and making sure they are aware of their rights concerning car data. Specifically advocating for consumers to:

    • have strict data privacy and security
    • have the right to choose and change service providers and match the right products and level of service to their needs
    • have the right to choose among service providers competing in an open market place and to enable any chosen service provider to access vehicle data and associated functionalities via an open, secure telematics platform

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