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    04 December 2019

    Summary of the project

    The impact of road traffic on local air quality is a major policy concern and there have been numerous projects aiming at improving underlying vehicle and fuel technologies, traffic management and enforcement.

    MODALES contributes to the substantial reduction of air pollution from all types of motorised vehicles. The main goal is to advance the understanding of co-variability in user behaviour and of emissions generated by powertrain, brakes and tyres. The project will address these objectives by modifying user behaviour via dedicated training, which includes a driver assistance app and awareness campaigns. This will be done in order to support effective air quality plans and enforcement strategies developed at the local and national level.

    MODALES proposes a user-centric approach to addressing all of the challenges which on the one hand enhance low-emission practices and on the other hand suppress high-emission behaviour by researching, developing and testing a number of innovative and complementary solutions in four key areas (namely, Driver, Retrofits, EOBD and Inspection) in order to substantially reduce vehicle emissions from 3 main sources (i.e. powertrain, brake wear and tyre wear).

    Project objectives

    • Advance the fundamental understanding of the effects of user  behaviour and vehicular emissions from powertrain, brakes and tyres
    • Modify user behaviour via dedicated training, including a driver assistance app and awareness campaigns, to support effective air quality plans and enforcement strategies to be developed by local and national authorities.
    •  Using research results as evidence with adequate quality to guide effective driving practices and training courses for different user groups.
    • Contribute to opening up global markets in transport services, through the creation of a worldwide platform for sharing and exchanging innovative solutions, experience and best practices for low-emission practices.

    FIA Region I’s role in the project

    Due to experience in other successful awareness campaigns such as #3500Lives, #SlowDown and #ParkYourPhone, FIA Region I will be leading the dissemination of a large-scale MODALES awareness campaign. The awareness campaign is designed to secure the involvement of key stakeholders (such as drivers) and give visibility to the knowledge generated by the MODALES project.

    FIA Region I works on the reduction of CO2 emissions through ambitious legal targets and the use of alternative technologies. FIA Region I has the know-how and experience with user perspectives that will ensure that the dedicated trainings and campaigns developed by MODALES will be received by the right audiences. Along with project partner ACASA, FIA Region I’s large network guarantees that both professional and private users of vehicles will be able to benefit from the trainings generated by MODALES.

    Link with FIA Region I Policy Priorities

    Protecting the environment: Through MODLES, FIA Region I will promote low-emission driving techniques to the consumer and helps the growth and development of sustainable mobility.