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    MEPs back reforms to EU motor insurance but drop bonus-malus

    14 February 2019

    On 13 February, the European Parliament adopted its final report on the Commission proposal to reform the Motor Insurance Directive. FIA Region I welcomes the Resolution as it should increase the level of protection of victims of road accidents and extend the legal protection for motorists travelling cross-border. However, it is disappointing that drivers might not be able to benefit from the bonus coming from their driving history when moving from one member state to another.

    The Parliament’s position includes a number of positive requirements including:

    • Allowing for the compensation of victims when insurance companies go insolvent;
    • Strengthening of the enforcement against uninsured driving;
    • Guaranteeing victims the access to accident reports;
    • A harmonised period of 4 years for motorists involved in an accident to make an insurance claim;
    • Ensuring a minimum level of insurance coverage.

    FIA Region I regrets, however, the missed opportunity to enforce the mutual recognition of insurance bonus-malus schemes across Europe. Should the Parliament’s position be ultimately adopted, it would mean that a driver who has a good driving track record in one member state, might not be able to benefit from a preferential insurance offer when moving to another member state.

    Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I said “The Parliament has taken a largely positive stand on reforming motor insurance rules that, if agreed upon during trilogue, will better protect people should they be involved in a road accident. It is disappointing however that the report fails to recognise the benefit of making the mutual recognition of bonus-malus schemes mandatory in the EU. This is something that the Council should now back in its General Approach.”

    The report also gives much needed clarification about the scope of the Directive by excluding electrically power-assisted bikes, segways and electric scooters. It does however state that should users be involved in an accident with such devices, victims should be compensated as appropriate.

    Read FIA Region I’s position on motor insurance



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