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    Green NCAP’S latest ratings for Cupra Born Electric, the FIAT 500 Petrol and the SEAT Ibiza Petrol

    06 October 2022

    On 6 October 2022, Green NCAP released their latest ratings for the Cupra Born Electric, the FIAT 500 Petrol and the SEAT Ibiza Petrol.

    The Cupra Born is a pure electric vehicle and, with its 170 kW, clearly targets the sporty and dynamic audience, despite the relatively high mass. The car comes with a 58-kWh battery, which should be sufficient for most usage cases. Under “normal” real world conditions and moderate climatization demand, the driving range is expected to be around 360 km. With an overall index of 9.6/10, the Cupra is rewarded 5 Green Stars.

    The tested FIAT 500 is a compact car with a naturally aspirated 3-cylinder petrol engine. It uses quite a small hybrid battery with only 11 Ah capacity (at 12 V). The overall system manages to keep the consumption at around 5.2 l/100 km, close to the officially reported value. The vehicle could make use of more robust and efficient exhaust after treatment, especially for ammonia (NH3) and CO in high-power demand phases, as well as for particle number. Here, a gasoline particle filter would help boost up the result. The total score of 5.2 represents an average performance and leaves potential for improvement. Overall, the vehicle is awarded 3 Green stars.

    The new SEAT Ibiza, equipped with a 1-liter direct injection turbo engine, demonstrates what is possible in terms of control of pollutants output and impresses with very low particle emissions. However, the vehicle lacks robustness under more challenging conditions, and that leaves the car with what is an average result for the Clean Air Index. Measures to increase robustness would boost the car’s score. In terms of energy efficiency, the SEAT delivers standard values and leaves room for improvement. Directly coupled to the consumption figures is the Greenhouse Gas index, which is additionally pushed down by the upstream greenhouse gas emissions associated with petrol fuel production. On the plus side, the emissions of the strong greenhouse gases N2O (laughing gas) and CH4 (methane) are fairly low. The Ibiza scores a total 4.8 out of 10 points and receives 2½ Green stars.

    Read all about it in the datasheets at https://www.greenncap.com/