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    Distracted Driving

    Drivers are up to four times more likely to get in an accident using their smartphone while driving. The FIA Region I Road Safety Campaign calls for reflection on mobile distraction while driving.

    We increasingly cannot live without our smartphone, so why would we risk an accident or life for it?

    While many drivers use their mobile phone for navigation purposes, this should be set up before drivers start the engine. Notifications from smartphones can also be a source of distraction. By turning on the “do not disturb” mode before driving, the number of notifications that show up on smartphones can be reduced.

    Distracted driving can lead to deadly accidents, most of which could be avoided. FIA Region I calls on drivers to wait until reaching their destination safely to text, call or email.

    “Mobile distraction is prevalent in many situations, even beyond driving. Pedestrians, cyclists and other road users should also be aware of the risks they take when using their phones in traffic,” said Laurianne Krid, FIA Region I Director General.

    The FIA Region I campaign will be rolled out in 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has been translated into 24 languages.


    The FIA Region I road safety campaign is supported by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.