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    Green NCAP releases the ratings of three new cars

    24 October 2019

    On 24 October 2019, Green NCAP published the ratings of three vehicles. The cars which underwent the wide range of laboratory and road tests this time were the SEAT Arona with a 1.5 TSI engine, Škoda’s large family car, the Octavia TDI DSG, and the FIAT Panda in petrol mode.

    The SEAT Arona, a small petrol SUV, scored nearly full marks for Clean Air, with an index of 9.8 out of 10. Although with an Energy Efficiency Index of 6.1, the Arona’s overall rating is limited to four stars.

    The third generation Škoda Octavia, tested with a 110 kW 2.0 diesel engine, is an average performer. With exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalyst reduction and a diesel particulate filter, the Octavia hit the three-star level both for Clean Air and for Energy Efficiency.

    The final and last car was the FIAT Panda, as a Euro 6d-Temp version in bi-fuel form: compressed natural gas (CNG) and petrol. FIAT expects the car to be driven on gas most of the time and on this fuel the car performed adequately. But with a generous 35 litre petrol tank, the Panda was also tested on this secondary fuel and was found wanting. Control of some pollutants, most notably particulates, was poor in petrol mode. Therefore the Clean Air index fell to two-star level and also determined the car’s overall rating. The Panda’s energy efficiency was better, an index of 4.9 meeting three-star requirements.

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