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    31 March 2023

    31 March 2023 – Representatives from industry and consumer organizations in mobility are holding a press conference today for a final call to European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, to deliver a proposal for sector-specific legislation in access to vehicle data.

    Major companies such as Michelin and ALD Automotive, are supporting the call for sector-specific legislation, in addition to a wide representation from independent service providers.

    Significant legislative delays are worrying aftermarket stakeholders. Independent service providers are losing out in the car data trade as they face increasingly restricted data access to deliver services at the same costs. Consumer organizations highlight the increased costs that consumers are already confronted with today when needing to maintain their vehicles.

    Representatives from these organizations emphasize the Data Act is not sufficient to address needs in the automotive and mobility sector, which has also been confirmed by the Commission and Members of the European Parliament who believe that sector-specific legislation is still needed to address discrepancies in different industries.

    A small window of opportunity remains, but without a proposal this legislative term, sector-specific legislation in access to car data will risk being delayed till the next mandate, allowing vehicle manufacturers and hyperscalers to take advantage of the current highly unregulated data space in the automotive industry.

    The European Commission has a responsibility to come forward with solutions that bring up both industry and citizens. Stakeholders from the automotive and mobility industry, and consumer organizations are calling on Von der Leyen again, to deliver a proposal on access to car data.

    This is Von der Leyen and her college of commissioners’ last opportunity to get things right for the European automotive and mobility industry and for European consumers this legislative term. There is still time, but the clock is ticking.