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    FIA Region I welcomes ENVI Committee’s opinion on vehicle type approval Regulation

    29 November 2016

    On 29 November, the European Parliament’s Environmental Protection (ENVI) Committee voted on the revision of the vehicle type approval Regulation.

    Among the amendments, FIA Region I and its Mobility Clubs particularly welcome the proposed creation of a European agency dedicated to the monitoring of type-approval and market surveillance activities. However, FIA Region cautions that the financing of the proposed new agency should not result in increased costs for consumers. The centralised body should have the capacity to rely on independent third party testing to conduct its pan-European checks. With access to the relevant information, FIA Clubs are well equipped to perform such independent tests. Should Mobility Clubs gain observer status within the proposed forum for enforcement and exchange of information, there would be opportunity to provide their feedback and alert the competent authorities of the problems that may arise. FIA Region I also welcomes the provision of information to third party testers through the creation of an online portal, which would include information on recalls.

    Ahead of the votes of the Transport and Consumer protection Committees, FIA Region I Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard, said: “We need a strong, independent stream of funding for market surveillance activities which ensures that products put on the market effectively comply with the legislation, while not imposing extra costs on consumers.”

    FIA Region I also raises attention on the need to maintain direct access to in-vehicle data for all independent repairers so that they can upgrade the vehicle control systems with critical updates in a timely manner. Access to vehicle data for all operators is essential to enable consumers to freely choose where they want to have their car repaired.


    Notes to editors

    Read the FIA Region I policy position on type approval (671.6 KB)

    What is vehicle type approval?
    The type approval assesses whether or not vehicles conform to the standards set by the EU and if they can be released onto the market. It is a process that provides a mechanism for ensuring that vehicles meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards. Within the process, one vehicle is tested as being representative of the ‘type’. A number of performance requirements will apply to a given vehicle type ranging from tires through to exhaust emissions and braking systems. To ensure a consistent approach, the test methodology is outlined in EU legislation and the tests are carried out at an appropriate facility.

    About FIA Region I

    The FIA Region I office, based in Brussels, is a consumer body representing 111 Motoring and Touring Clubs and their 38 million members from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The FIA represents the interest of these members as motorists, public transport users, pedestrians and tourists. The FIA’s primary goal is to secure a mobility that is safe, affordable, sustainable and efficient. With these aims in mind, the FIA Region I work focuses on Road Safety, Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, and the promotion of Sustainable Motoring. www.fiaregion1.com