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    FIA Region I publishes its policy position on Urban Vehicle Access Restrictions

    24 April 2019

    FIA Region I released its policy position on Urban Vehicle Access Restrictions (UVAR). The increasing number of UVAR schemes and the diversity in their implementation raise concerns as to UVARs impact on occasional users, such as tourists, as well as their negative effects on the economy of local communities.

    In this paper, FIA Region I recommends to:

    • Avoid urban vehicle access restrictions schemes and weigh carefully their economic impact before any implementation is considered.
    • Adopt holistic approaches, which encompass positive fiscal incentives supporting fleet renewal, affordable alternative mobility services, and increased flexibility of working hours. In the search for cleaner, more streamlined mobility, a long-term view which incorporates the latest technologies and listens to citizens will have the best chance to find a lasting solution.
    • Provide easily accessible and consistent information on the different schemes for citizens, by creating a partnership with the European Commission, cities and member states.

    With regard to the information to citizens, FIA Region I has been part of the Expert Group on UVARs set up by the European Commission, which is now expected to adopt guidelines also based on the Expert Group’s recommendations.