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    FIA Region I calls for consumer empowerment in access to vehicle data

    29 June 2023


    On 28 June, the FIA Region I gathered over 100 key mobility stakeholders, including EU officials and European FIA Mobility Club representatives, at its annual Summer Cocktail in Autoworld Brussels.

    The event focused on consumer empowerment and featured initial results from the latest FIA Region I survey on European attitudes towards connected cars.

    Based on the survey, 65% of consumers want to be able to choose the telematics provider for their car. A vehicle telematics system is the device that collects data inside a vehicle, this data can include driving behaviour, accident detection, vehicle maintenance and breakdown information and other services.

    FIA Region I President, Jorge F. Delgado, emphasized how today’s modern vehicles have become increasingly complex and technologically advanced.

    “Vehicles today generate vast amounts of data that can revolutionize the driving experience, it is crucial that we safeguard consumer rights and ensure access to this data can benefit consumers,” said Delgado.

    The FIA Region I has been advocating for consumer control, access, and right to information on their vehicle data for nearly a decade. With the EU co-legislators having reached a provisional agreement on the Data Act, and the forthcoming legislative proposal on access to vehicle data, it is essential that consumers safeguard the rights to their vehicles’ data.

    FIA Region I Director General, Laurianne Krid, shared that consumers expect innovative and diverse services from connected cars. Road safety services and traffic congestion services remain top priorities for consumers.

    “With the adoption of the data act provisional agreement, the path is clear to present the sector specific legislation we direly need. This legislation will unlock the full potential of innovation and deliver value to consumers. Based on preliminary results, our upcoming study highlights potential costs of 72 billion euros in the automotive aftermarket without the suitable legislation. We call on the Commission to act without delay to avoid such costs for consumers and society,” said Krid.

    The FIA Region I reminds legislators to be cautious of the inadvertent effects of inaction which could be detrimental for consumers and independent service operators.

    The FIA Region I Summer Cocktail is an annual event that gathers mobility stakeholders to network and discuss ongoing legislative developments in the mobility industry.