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    FIA Region I calls for a level-playing field on access to in vehicle data

    13 November 2019

    On 13 November 2019, FIA Region I signed the Manifesto for fair digitalisation opportunities, together with a broad coalition of stakeholders representing the automotive value chain, to call on EU decision-makers to put forward legislation on access to in-vehicle data by 2020.

    A legislative solution is needed to enable innovation, guarantee fair competition and improve consumer choice in the automotive aftermarket. A thorough study showed that the access model put forward by vehicle manufacturers – which channels all communication for remote data access through their backend server – has fundamental flaws and would cost up to €65 billion yearly for consumers and independent operators by 2030.

    The EU should ensure a competitive services environment and become the leader in connected and autonomous mobility by guaranteeing a level playing field, whilst safeguarding consumer rights. We look forward to decisive action to be taken by the next Commission to ensure an SME-friendly, social and green market economy.

    FIA Region I has also launched a new video animation on access to car data, explaining in a simple way why the current access models are not fit for purpose.

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