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    FIA Region I answers the European Commission Consultation on updating the EU Emission Trading System

    03 December 2020

    On 26 November, FIA Region I responded to the European Commission’s Consultation on updating the EU Emission Trading System, which is taking place in the context of the revision of the ETS Directive (2003/87/EC). A broader consultation is still open until 5 February 2021, for which FIA Region I will seek advice from the Transport and Mobility Working Group.

    The FIA European Bureau supports the ambition of the European Union to become climate-neutral by 2050, including the greenhouse gas reduction target of 55% in 2030. To reach that goal, important adjustments are necessary in all areas of society and particularly in road transport, even if road transport is already subject to a number of measures to reduce its emissions.

    Envisaging to include road transport into the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) must then go hand in hand with an assessment of all the tools that contribute to limiting the emission of greenhouse gases and, to benefit most from the market mechanism, carbon emissions should be priced equally, wherever they are generated.

    The inclusion of road transport into the EU ETS addresses an objective currently covered by a number of policies (Energy Taxation Directive etc), which would need to be adapted accordingly for the reform to be financially neutral for the consumer, as adding a burden can have a significant impact on the price of mobility. This statement is especially true when it comes to rural areas, due to the higher distances and the lower quality of public transport services.

    FIA Region I therefore recommends that vehicle energy efficiency standards, and the promotion of alternative fuelled vehicles and fuels, should remain a priority of action in climate policy. Indeed, the FIA Bureau recently published research confirming that technology, investment, command, and control measures are most effective in further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Source: Climate change – updating the EU emissions trading system (ETS) Commission website