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    FIA Region I announces its participation in the “Drive2theFuture” project

    25 April 2019
    FIA Region I is pleased to announce its involvement in the European Commission’s research project Drive2theFuture. The project aims to prepare drivers, travellers, and vehicle operators to use connected, cooperative and automated (CCAD) modes, while presenting the industry with wants and needs of CCAD users. To address these objectives, Drive2theFuture will develop tools to promote and comparatively assess several alternative CCAD transport Use Cases and Human Machine Interface for all transport modes. It will target all types of users (drivers, travellers, pilots & operators) to better understand, simulate, regulate and optimise sustainable market introduction and digitalisation. FIA Region I will contribute to the research on user acceptance, user awareness and appreciation of actual automated function performance, using also the expertise gained from other EU projects such as AUTOPILOT, ARCADE and L3-Pilot. It will also provide support to several pilot sites, such as those in Belgium and Austria. FIA Region I looks also for input from members regarding business models for market uptake, guidelines, and policy recommendations. Besides FIA Region I, IAM RoadSmart, PZM, RACB, RACC, and AMZS will support activities in assessing public acceptance across Europe of different user groups, including current non-drivers, performing simulations, correlating and analysing driver behaviour under different scenarios, reaching out to users, identifying relevant research, providing expert input into creating simulator scenarios. They will further contribute to designing future training curriculums, looking at the business plan implications of updating the skills of the millions of existing qualified drivers. The project will be launched in May 2019 up until April 2021 and will be led by CERTH/HIT.