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    FIA Region I addresses start-ups on IMPACT Connected Car stage at 4YFN

    28 February 2019
    IMPACT Connected Car staged a debate about the role of start-ups for the future of mobility at the Mobile World Capital 4YFN Barcelona. During the panel discussion, Olivier Lenz, FIA Region I Programmes Director highlighted the contribution that start-ups make to accelerating the changes in transport and mobility. Referring to the IMPACT Connected Car acceleration programme, he underlined the value of those entrepreneurs developing innovative ideas, services and products. He insisted on the particular importance of a user-centric approach as a factor of entrepreneurial success on the short and longer term. The debate also focused on the role of public stakeholders embracing the benefits of new, connected and smart mobility. While a revised regulatory framework is needed, public stakeholders also need to accompany the changes in mobility by helping to adapt the infrastructure to the new needs. Public stakeholders, cities in particular, are indeed often confronted by a series of disruptions occurring in short time periods, such as shared mobility, new driving services, electromobility, free-floating vehicles, which represent a huge challenge for them. At the event, FIA Region I also presented its brand-new Start-Up Challenge. In fields such as mobility in rural areas, home and personal assistance, and health and elderly assistance, the programme will create an opportunity for Clubs to connect with start-ups and expose them to innovative ideas that can benefit Club members. FIA Region I invited interested start-ups to come forward with their innovative ideas and take the chance to build relationships with decision makers and innovators from the FIA Region I network of Clubs. Read more on IMPACT Connected Car Read more on 4YFN Barcelona