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    European cities need to start delivering smart mobility

    25 June 2018

    Across Europe, cities are beginning to put in place restrictions on cars accessing urban areas. This includes, diesel vehicle bans, congestion charges and car restricted zones. These initiatives are highly burdensome and costly for motorists, both for residents and visitors. In its 2018 Declaration, FIA Region I’s Eurocouncil has urged decision-makers to start thinking outside of the box and begin to deliver smart mobility solutions for road users.

    Most car owners bought their vehicles in good faith, trusting the emissions levels as advertised. These are the same people that are having to pay additional environmental charges or are losing the right to drive in the city.

    Instead of implementing a one-size-fits all approach to vehicle bans, a long-term view which incorporates the latest technologies and listens to citizens will have the best chance to find a lasting solution. Read more about our advice to cities in the opinion piece on EurActiv.

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