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    EU mobility package puts road safety first

    17 May 2018

    On 17 May, the European Commission released its third legislative package on mobility, which includes proposals to reform the Vehicle General Safety regulation, the Pedestrian Protection Regulation and the ambition to define a road map on road safety for 2020-2030. On the path to automation, the Commission wishes to adopt a safe system approach, whereby the impact of accidents can be mitigated by vehicle, infrastructure and behaviour measures.

    FIA Region I Director General, Laurianne Krid, said: “The Commission’s third mobility package gives a sound assessment of the challenges ahead and shows willingness to find new approaches to improve road safety on our continent. It sets a basis for partnership between member states, stakeholders and EU institutions to achieve a 50% decrease of both fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. We welcome this ambitious vision and will work alongside policymakers and our mobility Clubs to achieve these goals.”

    FIA Region I welcomes the Commission’s efforts to ensure better road safety by prioritising both active and passive advanced safety technologies. The Commission calls for an extensive list of technologies to be made standard in all vehicles within a relatively short time frame. Technologies that have proven effectiveness, such as Autonomous Emergency Breaking Systems and seatbelt reminders on all seats, should become mandatory without delay. FIA Region I supports the deployment of safety technologies with the best cost benefit ratios and will look into each technology to offer more detailed recommendations.

    Also prioritising road infrastructure, the proposal extends infrastructure safety management procedures to motorways and primary roads. Special account should also be given to vulnerable road users in the assessment and remedial actions should be taken on problematic parts of the network. Infrastructure does play a key role in the safe system approach. However, the proposal lacks a concrete proposal on how to finance the extension of the systems to motorways and primary roads.


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