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    EU decision-makers must act now to ensure equal access to in-vehicle data

    23 April 2018

    On 23 April, a broad coalition of independent aftermarket service providers and FIA Region I call on EU decision-makers to establish fair and equal access to in-vehicle data and resources.

    The call for action comes in advance of an expected proposal from the Commission on connected and automated cars on 16 May. Back in 2015, eCall legislation already urged the European Commission to explore the feasibility of “interoperable, standardised, secure and open access telematics platform”; the coalition considers that too little progress was achieved so far.

    FIA Region I Director General Laurianne Krid said: “The Commission has thus far not taken decisive action to enable secure, fair access to in-vehicle data. Each delay further prevents independent service providers from developing innovative services and blocks consumers from reaping the full benefits of this technology. We call for binding legislation to ensure fair access to vehicle data.”

    Research conducted on behalf of the European Commission clearly demonstrates that direct access to vehicle data is the only solution that would allow equal opportunities for independent service providers and ensure real choice for consumers. This reports also stresses that allowing for direct access to data does not entail any security risks above and beyond the car makers’ preferred cloud-based server approach. In addition, the study underline that the establishment of a direct access model will not happen without legislative intervention.

    Earlier this year, the European Parliament also urged the Commission to publish a legislative proposal on access to in-vehicle data and resources by the end of 2018, in an own initiative report on C-ITS.


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