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    Club news: UAMK highlights road safety in the Czech Republic

    15 June 2018

    In May, Ustrední Automotoklub Ceské Republiky (UAMK) promoted road safety at a large public event in České Budějovice.

    Using materials from the FIA’s #3500LIVES campaign, the event targeted speeding, wearing seatbelts, being visible, wearing helmets and avoiding drink driving. In the Czech Republic, these are the most essential messages for road users.

    The UAMK seatbelt simulator gave attendees the chance to experience a crash at 30 km/h and understand the critical role that seatbelts play. There were also trainers dedicated to educating younger participants and children.

    Every year UAMK supports road safety initiatives and organises road safety events. Last year, “Safe Young Drivers” trained novice drivers on safe driving techniques.