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    Club News: UAB offers a day of free services in Bulgaria

    04 October 2017

    Union des Automobilistes Bulgares (UAB) recently started a series of events aiming to improve road safety. The initiative is called “Day of free services at UAB” and takes place at different UAB technical centers around the country.

    Drivers who visit UAB’s technical centers receive car services for free including:

    • Braking system check
    • Suspension check
    • Engine diagnostic
    • Headlight adjustment
    • Test drive of new vehicles


    The initiative gained huge popularity after the first event. Hundreds of drivers visited UAB’s centers in Varna, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad and most recently – Pazardjik.

    Every person who took part in the event was also informed about the #3500lives campaign. The free services for the vehicles are also connected to road safety, as the average age of the car fleet in Bulgaria is 15 years.

    UAB will definitely continue the initiative and include it in the annual winter campaign which aims to prepare drivers and their cars for the winter conditions. The campaign is in partnership with Traffic Police, National Police and Bulgarian Red Cross.