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    Club News: TACI to educate 7.5 million Iranian students about road safety

    12 November 2017

    The Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI) and Iranian Ministry of Education will work together to educate 7.5 million school children on road safety. The Club has already created a Safe Travel Council that includes road safety experts and specialists to support this initiative.

    “Due to the high number of casualties and deaths caused by road accidents, we are committed to implement road safety activities, enhance related education, boost road standards and improve driving etiquette,” said Rezvan Hakim Zadeh, Deputy of Primary Education in the Ministry of Education.

    “Education on road safety is being carried out according to TACI’s Articles of Association. Therefore, we are determined to have an active role in this project,” commented Morteza Haji, TACI member of the board of directors.