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    Club news: Mileage fraud awareness campaign in Denmark

    04 April 2014

    The Danish Motor Club, Forenede Danske Motorejere (FDM), has sent a warning to consumers to be aware of just how common mileage fraud can be.
    FDM warned that on a European level, up to 40% of used vehicles have tampered odometers. The FDM reminds consumers to always ask for a mileage certificate when purchasing a used car.
    Mileage fraud takes place when a vehicle’s odometer has been tampered with to lower the number of kilometres a car has been driven. The crime of mileage fraud affects the public at large, by artificially elevating the cost of used vehicles, sometimes by thousands of Euros. Devices that can perform mileage fraud are available for purchase online for as little as 150 EUR and do not require special technical expertise. Fighting mileage fraud in one country often ends up shifting the problem to neighbouring countries, meaning that an international solution must be found.
    More information on the FDM website (in Danish).