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    Club news: ANWB launches Camping Label for Corona measures

    18 June 2020

    The ANWB has launched a new Camping label for Corona measures so that holidaymakers can clearly see if their campsite has taken special “corona measures” to ensure the safety and health of visitors. Since its launch in May, more than 750 campsites have applied for the label.

    There are two versions of it:

    • the first is the special Corona measures label, which indicates if the campsite has taken the national and local measures into account. In the Netherlands, the ANWB follows the measures that are indicated by the RIVM, the National Institute for  Public Health and Environment.
    • The second label is for special Corona conditions. Campsites are eligible for this label if they change their conditions so that people can cancel their holiday for free up to seven days before their arrival.


    The ANWB sends its own volunteer campsite inspectors to check on-site if and how the campsites apply the rules. The inspectors have a questionnaire with 31 questions, which they check at every campsite.

    The ANWB  is issuing these labels also to campsites abroad. So far, over the 750 applications for the label, more than half came from campsites outside of the Netherlands. Because our own inspectors will not visit any campsites abroad this year, we use the information provided by our foreign partners/agencies.

    The first results show us that the campsites who carry the ANWB Camping label get more bookings than campsites that don’t have it. At this moment, it is still uncertain how Dutch people will holiday in the upcoming summer. However, the ANWB Camping label will provide more safety and security for the people who want to go away this summer.