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    Club news: AMZS reaches 3,700 young Slovenians with best young driver contest

    20 June 2018

    More than 3,700 young drivers participated in this year’s Best Young Slovene Driver competition. AMZS awarded 23-year old student Klemen Pongračič with the title and the grand prize: one year with a brand-new Ford Fiesta.

    AMZS achieved its aim to reach young drivers and convey key road safety messages. The contestants had many opportunities to prove their knowledge and practical skills. Most of all, they could improve their driving skills and grow their driving experience.

    The young drivers responded enthusiastically to the contest, with more than 3,700 submissions to their online questionnaire, in comparison to a little less than 1,500 in 2017. The top 100 online participants were invited to the AMZS Safe driving Centre in Vransko. 10 finalists were selected and on 24 May this year’s winner became the new young road safety ambassador for AMZS.

    The competition received the support of major Slovenian road safety stakeholders, such as the Slovenian Police, Slovenian Red Cross, Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, the Ministry for education, science and sport, and other partners. The competition made a big impact on social media, thanks to the great videos of one of the most popular Slovene vloggers Komotar Minuta. AMZS’s activities with the Best Young Slovene Driver contest were also widely covered by the media.

    The Club’s goal is to continue with this competition and to spread awareness of safe road use, not just among young drivers but among all road users. They hope that there will be more and more young drivers that will proudly become AMZS road safety ambassadors.