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    Club news: ADAC calls for improved safety of keyless vehicle entry systems

    07 June 2016

    Using a self-made wireless extender, ADAC has tested the safety of keyless entry systems in 38 passenger car models so far. The result – they were able to open and start nearly all vehicles within seconds.

    According to ADAC experts, off-the-shelf electronic components are all it takes to build the device necessary for the wireless extension. The range of the wireless communication between the key and the car can be extended by several hundred metres – regardless of whether the original key fob is at home or in the car owner’s pocket.

    Only Mercedes, Renault, Subaru and Toyota offer systems that can be deactivated. Drivers of these car brands can ask their dealer to deactivate these systems permanently or do so themselves via the on-board computer or by entering a code on the remote key fob. For all other vehicles, ADAC recommends the use of a steering wheel lock or a wheel clamp for theft protection.

    The Club calls upon car manufacturers to systematically protect vehicle electronics, as is standard practice in the IT industry. Fixes/retrofits or updates for the affected vehicles should be offered as soon as possible.

    Read more on the ADAC website (in German)

    Read more about the safety of keyless technologies on FIA Region I website