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    16 May 2017

    FAME will develop and validate common methodologies and tools to facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned to support the collaboration within the community of CCAM stakeholders needed for the organisation and evaluation of large-scale demonstration and future scale-up to the impacts of complete CCAM solutions.


    Summary of the project

    ARCADE coordinates consensus-building across stakeholders for the harmonised deployment of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CAD). It aims to develop a common approach to testing, validation and implementation of CAD in Europe and contributes to the definition of future research and innovation priorities. The Network exchanges knowledge and experiences, builds up synergies and a common approach to development, testing and validation of CAD.

    ARCADE also consolidates an online Knowledge Base of CAD knowhow, including an overview of impact assessment, testing and evaluation methodologies, regulations, policies and standards, roadmaps and strategic plans at European, Member State and even international levels.

    Through EUCAD, the yearly conference organised by the network. Stakeholders, political leaders from the European Commission and Member States with high-level representatives of industry and road authorities come together to discuss all major challenges related to automated mobility.

    Project objectives

    • Cooperation between all stakeholders from the European and international CAD community across all sectors involved
    • Coordination of cooperation efforts between all research & innovation initiatives, including national and European programmes as well international cooperation activities
    • Synergies and Consensus building on CAD deployment scenarios and research needs for connected and automated driving
    • Exchange of knowledge and experiences from past and ongoing research and piloting activities on CAD at national, European and international levels


    Clubs and FIA Region I’s role in the project

    In leading the project’s Knowledge Base, FIA Region I gathers relevant information on the developments of CAD and creates a one-stop-shop for experts in the field. Through dissemination of project activities and the co-organisation of events such as the EUCAD symposium and stakeholder workshops, FIA Region I contributes to the visibility of ARCADE and enables stakeholders to get a clearer picture of what the future impacts of road automation will be.

    By involving Member Clubs in the activities of ARCADE as Associated Partners, FIA Region I also increasing the visibility of its members, reinforcing its position as key stakeholders in CAD. As an Associated Partner Member Clubs are invited to contribute and validate input to/from thematic areas related to CAD deployment. Associated Members play an important role in contributing to the content of the CAD Knowledge Base.


    Link with FIA Region I Policy Priorities

    Connecting vehicles: By working with a big network of stakeholders, the FIA Region I contributes to the knowledge and improvement of CAD, through events, communication activities and an extensive database.


    Increasing road safety: By promoting the development of CAD, the FIA Region I ensures the safe use of these vehicles in the future