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    ARCADE: leading Connected Automated Driving in Europe

    28 March 2019
    FIA Region I is pleased to announce that ARCADE has been listed among the European projects that are greatly contributing to connected and automated mobility in Europe. This conclusion comes from the “Results Pack on Connected and Automated Driving” published by CORDIS, the European Commission’s primary source of EU funded projects results. Together with other seven projects, ARCADE is making Europe a world leader in the deployment of connected and automated mobility. Indeed, the project supports clearer policies on the topic in the EU Member States and works to ensure that automated road transportation systems are interoperable and applied in a coherent way across Europe. FIA Region I is one of the 23 partners of ARCADE, and is leading the project’s knowledge base, one of the project’s pillars that aims at gathering the data collected on the development of CAD in Europe. FIA Region I is also coordinating the thematic work area on the user and societal perspective and leads the dissemination of the project activities to ensure ARCADE’s presence in relevant events in Europe and worldwide. Being included in the CORDIS Pack represents a major achievement for ARCADE and will benefit the visibility of the project among stakeholders and potentially encourage them to join the associated partnership programme and be part of Europe’s mobility transformation. Find more about ARCADE.