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    ANWB Car Buddy reaches special milestone: 500.000 rides

    11 November 2022

    In November, ANWB’s social project Car Buddy celebrated a special milestone: its 500.000th ride.

    Car Buddy started back in 2015 and its purpose is to ensure that elderly people and people with a disability can remain mobile and active in their lives. For them, in fact, it’s not always possible to easily go to the doctor, hairstylist or supermarket, but with Car Buddy ANWB it is possible.

    Car Buddy started in 2015 and currently almost 30.000 people make use of the service. They only have to pay a small fee to the drivers, 0,35ct per kilometre.

    Nowadays, 110 municipalities in the Netherlands participate and there are over 3000 volunteer drivers who are from the same area as the people they drive around.