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    Club news: ACA France demands mobility for all in French elections

    09 May 2017

    During the recent French elections, the Automobile Club Association (ACA), France released a set of mobility objectives for 2017-2022 specifically for the presidential candidates. The core message was ‘mobility for all’ and called for candidates to commit to sustainable mobility for French citizens.

     In the file “2017-2022 Objectif Mobilité pour tous”, ACA addressed multiple mobility issues including urban mobility, accessibility, road safety, taxation, vehicles and road infrastructure, and made recommendations on actions for improvement. The file also highlighted activities and achievements of the ACA in the mobility sector.

    By sending the file to the final two candidates, ACA reminded the candidates that the subject of mobility is an essential factor to economic and social well-being and subsequently, it should be on the agenda of the new French President and his future Government. 

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