• The President

    On 5 December 2017, Thomas Møller Thomsen was elected as the new FIA Region I President, and was re-elected again for a second term on 19 May 2021. Mr. Møller Thomsen is the former CEO of the Federation of Danish Motorists (FDM), where he held his position from 2003 to 2020.

    Upon his election, FIA Region I President Thomas Møller Thomsen said “I am humbled and honoured to have your trust to take over the role as President of FIA Region I, and I will do my very best to fulfil that role, not alone, but together with all of you and along with a very good secretariat. When we operate in our national markets some of us are strong, some less so and some are weak and challenged, but together all of us are stronger, so it is very important to continue building our network.”

    Biography – Thomas Møller Thomsen

    Thomas Møller Thomsen, former CEO of the Federation of Danish Motorists is a lawyer. He held positions as managing director of a major university hospital in the Copenhagen area and as CEO in various significant Danish interest organisations.