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    Slowing Down Saves Lives

    40 to 50% of people drive above the speed limit. An estimated 5% reduction in average speed could result in a 30% decrease in number of fatal crashes.

    Additionally, the faster a car is speeding, the more distance you need to brake safely. With the campaign Slowing down saves lives, FIA Region I and our member Clubs are promoting respect for speed limits. The campaign includes an animation and game to remind drivers why respecting the speed limit helps avoid accidents, it also highlights the increase in the distance that a car needs to stop safely when at accelerated speeds.

    This initiative is part of the FIA #3500LIVES. Everyone has a role to play in making safer roads for all. The #3500LIVES campaign outlines Golden Rules that can help save your life and the lives of others. We also encourage you to sign up to the FIA Manifesto for Global Road Safety which calls on all governments to prioritise road safety and introduce effective legislation to tackle risk factors on the road.

    Learn more about #3500LIVES   Watch the animation   Play the game

    #3500LIVES has two campaign ambassadors supporting the message of Slowing down saves lives, Patrick Dempsey and Yohan Blake.




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