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    The European Parliament sets out to end mileage fraud

    31 May 2018

    In a vote today, the European Parliament strongly supported the need to tackle odometer tampering in the EU. The report authored by MEP Ismail Ertug proposes a number of measures including both technical fixes and further tracking of odometer readings to reduce fraudulent activities. FIA Region I particularly supports measures, which do not run the risk of capturing frauded odometer readings. Further, the strictest data protection and user consent criteria must also be respected.

    In 2017, binding legislation came into effect to protect new vehicles with a technical solution to odometer tampering. However, further measures are needed to ensure that the legislation is effective and to address vehicles that are already on the road. The report approved today, calls on the European Commission to bring forward effective legislation to protect cars that are still vulnerable to this crime.

    FIA Region I Director General, Laurianne Krid, said: “This report highlights the critical need for Europe to step up again on odometer fraud. In particular, the report rightly notes that performance checks should be added to type approval legislation, in order to ensure that anti-tampering measures are effective in real world. We urge the European Commission to act. Now is the time to protect car buyers from this costly crime.”

    FIA Region I has been advocating the protection of cars against this common crime since 2014. FIA Region I joins a large coalition of aftermarket players echo this concern and support the European Parliament’s vote.


    Notes to editors

    Read the joint press release on mileage fraud

    What is mileage fraud?
    Mileage fraud takes place when a vehicle’s odometer has been tampered with to lower the number of kilometres a car has been driven. The crime of mileage fraud affects the public at large, by artificially elevating the cost of used vehicles, sometimes by thousands of Euros. It is a crime that is estimated to affect up to 40% of used cars in Europe. Learn more: https://www.fiaregion1.com/mileage-fraud/

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