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    Prepare for the EUCAD 2019 Conference

    14 March 2019

    The Conference on Connected and Automated Driving EUCAD 2019, organised by the European Commission and the FIA Region I supported project ARCADE, will take the stage in Brussels in two weeks.

    This year’s conference will discuss highly interesting topics such as the interaction between connected automated vehicles and users, new mobility services and the impact of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) on urban mobility (see here the updated programme).

    FIA Region I Director General Laurianne Krid will address the fifth Strategic Plenary Session on public acceptance and adoption. While potential benefits of CAD to society are immense and automated vehicles technologies are likely to help solve problems, the session will discuss the important role of public acceptance for the deployment of those technologies.

    FIA Region I is also leading a Breakout Session on CAD Transforming Society that will address how CAD can contribute to a more sustainable transport system. The session will see the participation of mobility experts such as María Alonso Raposo, technical project officer from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, , Professor Jillian Anable, Chair in Transport and Energy at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, and Baiba Pudane, Researcher on travel behaviour from TU Delft.

    FIA Region I is further coordinating a series of indoor and outdoor demonstrations, in which European projects, ADAS&Me, AUTOPILOT, AVENUE, ENSEMBLE, and L3-Pilot, will showcase their progress in developing autonomous vehicle technologies. Three life dynamic demonstrations will take place in presence of European and national policy makers, as well as different public and private stakeholders. Moreover, the University Racing Eindhoven (URE) will display their high-tech revolutionary electric and autonomous Formula-style race car.

    EUCAD 2019 will also have two side events happening right after the Conference: The ERTRAC Annual Conference and the ARCADE Stakeholder Event for which registration is still open.

    In addition, the event will offer the opportunity to meet pioneers contributing to the implementation of autonomous driving, as well as representatives from EU institutions, Member States and industry. This high-level event will also promote some of the already joined associated partners and will be a key opportunity to raise interest from new stakeholders to join.

    The ARCADE’s associated partnership mainly targets experts with interests in European research on vehicle and road automation. External partners can participate to relevant ARCADE activities, i.e. meetings and workshops, reports and position papers and their logos will be promoted in CAD relevant events such as the EUCAD conferences, workshops and symposia.

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