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    Parliament backs ambitious yet pragmatic approach to vehicle safety

    21 February 2019

    FIA Region I welcomes the report on vehicle safety adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) on 21 February.

    As advocated by FIA Region I, the report sets an ambitious approach to road safety, introducing important improvements for both active and passive in-vehicle safety to the benefit of all road users.

    The report backs a series of proven safety technologies as standard for all vehicles, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems and Lane Keeping Assistance Systems.

    When it comes to Intelligent Speed Assistance, the Committee wisely agreed on a flexible approach, giving drivers the possibility to switch off the system. This flexibility is necessary as ISA systems still rely on external conditions to work properly.

    Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I commented:  “The IMCO Committee has taken an ambitious approach to make sure vehicles of the future contribute to further improving road safety in Europe. These new technologies, provided that users are well aware of their capabilities, should help us to save lives on Europe’s roads.”

    The European Parliament and the Council are now expected to start trilogue negotiations shortly.

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