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    Mobility manifesto 2024

    Fostering affordable, sustainable & safe mobility for all

    Why this matters

    The right to free movement is one of the founding rights in the establishment of the European Union and a basic right for all EU citizens. EU citizens heavily rely on mobility to get to work, carry out daily errands and ultimately contribute to the European economy. Our most recent economic study shows that the 360 million cars in the European market generate 280 billion euros in revenues each year.


    The European Elections will take place this June and the FIA European Bureau is calling on the next Members of the European Parliament to enable affordable, sustainable and safe mobility for all.

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    The fia european bureau is calling on the next mandate to:

    Keep mobility accessible and affordable for all

    • Ensure the sustainable transition remains affordable for all citizens in the EU
    • Explore affordable alternatives to decarbonise the existing vehicle fleet, considering the average lifespan of vehicles on our roads
    • Establish sufficient safeguards for a thriving second-hand vehicle market, including electric vehicles with a passport for battery health

    Leave no one behind in the transition to clean and sustainable mobility

    • Ensure hassle-free charging by expanding the network of charging stations and ensuring cross-border price transparency and payment options
    • Enable informed choices by providing consumers with robust and comparable information on the sustainability and efficiency of transport modes and vehicles
    • Conduct a comprehensive review of the 2035 fleet emission targets in 2026, adding the lifecycle aspect to enhance technology neutrality

    Leverage benefits of digitalisation

    • Urgently adopt consumer-centred sector-specific legislation on access to in-vehicle data, regulating responsible and secure access to and use of vehicle data, addressing privacy concerns and potential for data misuse, and creating a level-playing environment in the aftermarket
    • Ensure the implementation of the European Court of Justice ruling (ATU vs Fiat Chrysler C 296/22 from 5 October 2023) regarding free access to repair and maintenance information in vehicles
    • Adapt the driver training curricula to higher levels of automation, where EU projects are already delivering elements

    Increase road safety

    • Promote education campaigns to raise awareness about road safety, with a focus on addressing distraction and peaceful coexistence
    • Educate all road users about sharing roads and understanding the next generation of vehicles
    • Address issues such as glare, driving under the influence and respect of traffic rules to improve overall road safety

    Hear from fia european bureau members

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    Manifesto highlights

    Download the full manifesto

    About the fia european bureau

    The FIA European Bureau, based in Brussels, is a consumer body comprised of 66 Mobility Clubs that represent over 40 million members from across Europe. The FIA represents the interests of our members as motorists, riders, pedestrians, and passengers. We work to ensure safe, affordable, clean, and efficient mobility for all.