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    FIA Region I responds to the Commission’s proposal for car CO2 emissions post 2020

    09 May 2018

    On 9 May, FIA Region I released a response to the European Commission’s proposal for car CO2 emissions post-2020.

    As a long-term advocate of ambitious emission reduction targets for passenger cars, FIA Region I welcomes the proposal. However, to deliver cleaner cars to Europeans, the Commission can go even further to ensure that these targets have the intended impact.

    The Commission’s proposal should be strengthened with the following revisions:

    • Setting a fleet-wide average emissions target of 70g CO2/km (NEDC) for 2025
    • Reviewing the 2030 target by no-later-than 2022 and by using life cycle analysis
    • Strengthening the provisions to ensure that real world benefits are delivered
    • Adopting a mass neutral approach to the emission reduction targets
    • Revising the labelling rules to give consumers clearer information on a vehicle’s fuel consumption

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