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    EU passes new vehicle testing rules to avoid another Dieselgate

    19 April 2018

    On 19 April, the European Parliament rubber stamped reforms for the vehicle type approval process. The deal has been hashed out over a two-year period following the emissions scandal and, if properly implemented, will help ensure that vehicles tested in the laboratory better resemble cars on the road.

    Greater market surveillance and additional oversight by the European Commission will act as new checks in the system. Vehicle test results should be more realistic and deliver real world benefits for citizens. The revised type approval process fails to end the direct financial link between testers and vehicle manufacturers, but additional transparency will be granted.

    FIA Region I Director General, Laurianne Krid, said: “European consumers have been let down by the system that was meant to deliver cars that performed as promised in the real world. The new rules should increase checks of vehicles already on the market, thus helping to restore consumer trust and confidence. While type approval can never give a fully accurate picture of the performance on the roads, the previous system needed a significant overhaul to perform properly. We do hope that the Commission and Member States will take these requirements to heart, especially given the fact that no concrete national funding mechanism is included in the legislation adopted today. In any case, mobility Clubs will continue to test vehicles and publicise their results, in order to ensure consumers are properly informed.”

    She added: “The new rules also touch on the connected car and make it clear that third party service providers should not be barred from accessing vitally important vehicle data. However, this is just the start of a process to get the automotive sector up to speed with the digital economy. We now need to see the Commission come forward with a dedicated legislative proposal to ensure cyber security, data protection and fair competition with accessing vehicle data.”


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