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    Club news: SMC denounces Stockholm’s new parking fees for motorcycles

    09 May 2018

    Stockholm has recently implemented one of the world’s highest parking fees for motorcycles and mopeds. The cost will rise from €0 to €2,000 per year for all kinds of Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs). This new parking fee and the exclusion of PTWs from traffic management strategies are likely to become hot topics when riders go to vote in September.

    The number of motorcycles and mopeds has doubled in Stockholm in the last 15 years with about 60,000 residents using PTWs. Stockholm had been a role model for a motorcycle friendly town, being the first in the world to open bus lanes to motorcycles. However, it did not prevent the new legislation on parking fees.

    The decision has been appealed to the highest court in Stockholm without success. The city is now determined to introduce the parking fees with a cost of €0.50/1.00 per hour, depending on the zone. Stockholm residents can apply for a parking permission for their PTWs but these are not valid in all locations.

    Olle Henriksson, chairman of Sveriges MotorCyklister (SMC), said: “I am very disappointed that none of the promises made by the city’s administration to SMC have been upheld for the parking of motorcycles and mopeds. We will ask all parties about their attitude to parking charges and other issues related to PTWs and convey it to the voters in Stockholm County.”