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    Online resources to learn more on new transport technologies

    09 April 2020

    Several EU projects, in which FIA Region I is involved, offer online resources to learn more about different transport technologies.

    CAPITAL’s online platform provides a training programme and educational resources about ITS and C-ITS deployment. Among others, it offers a two-week introductory course on fundamentals of Intelligent Transport Systems and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) for beginners.

    AUTOPILOT online webinars provide a clear understanding of the potential benefits of using the Internet of Things (IoT) in automated driving. The platform currently has four webinars which explain the development of Automated driving pilots for IoT and legal perspectives of using IoT for autonomous driving.

    FIA Region I is also leading ARCADE’s Knowledge Base which aims at gathering the data collected on the development of Connected Automated Driving in Europe and beyond. ARCADE will launch its first webinar in the coming weeks to present the Knowledge Base on Connected and Automated Driving. To understand more about the knowledge base and its use in CAD, read the VIP blog where VIP’s in the field share their perspective on CAD in general and advantages of the Knowledge Base in particular.

    Under the CARTRE project (predecessor of ARCADE), several webinars were also conducted on CAD and its applications like the big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning.