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    Road Patrol Training for Excellence 2022

    October 17, 2022 > October 20, 2022 Cascais-Lisbon, Portugal haphan@fia.com

    The Road Patrol Training for Excellence 2022 took place in Circuito Estoril – Cascais, Portugal. The event was kindly hosted by Automovel Club de Portugal from 17 to 20 October.

    ADAC (Germany) won the first place and was awarded Road Patrol Team of the Year, while The AA (United Kingdom) and ÖAMTC (Austria) won second and third place respectively.

    FIA Region I and ARC Europe Group have joined forces to create a best-in-class training for the road patrol teams in member organisations. The training aims to increase the overall standard of roadside assistance services offered by the participating road patrol teams and to achieve a universally high level for the quality of services offered by FIA Region I Clubs and ARC Europe Group members throughout Europe.

    Participants in the Road Patrol Training for Excellence benefit from access to cars from different car brands under contract with ARC Europe Group and learn about common breakdown causes, specific repair information and new car technologies for each of these brands. The event includes both training and assessment sessions and, upon completion, a certification of training. The team achieving the highest scores during the assessment sessions is awarded the title of “Road Patrol Team of the Year”.



    1. The duration for the practical and assessment phase of the event is 2 days: Theoretical courses, and assessments.
    2. Clubs who are only either FIA Region I member or ARC Europe are not awarded. To be in the ranking, a Club should be a member of both organisations.
    3. Due to Covid-19 restrictions each club should be represented by a team of at the most 2 members:
      • 1 road patrolman
      • 1 road patrol trainer, or an interpreter
    4. The patrolman and the trainer should not have participated in the last year edition of the Road Patrol Training for Excellence. An exception could be made for organisations with only one trainer.
    5. As stated in the rules, each contestant team is encouraged to participate with its own road patrol car. This may increase its chance in the competition.
    6. Each group will go through one rotation per half a day:
      • 1 Rotation = 1 theoretical course +- 2 assessments + 1 practical task + 1 break
    7. During the theoretical session, the trainer will deliver an automotive related course during 1 hour per group.
    8. The theoretical and assessment contents will be delivered in English.
    9. During the theoretical session, participants may ask questions to the trainer in case they did not understand a topic.
    10. The knowledge presented during the classroom course will be the main subject of the assessment.
    11. During the assessments involving works on a vehicle, participants are expected to locate the root cause of the breakdown and to repair it or advise the next step within 20 minutes.
    12. The timer starts as soon as soon as the role play /assessment has been explained (without exceeding 5 minutes). No extra time is allowed after the 20 minutes have expired.
    13. If the participants fail to locate the fault or repair within the timeframe, they should anyway suggest a solution for the customer and clearly state the next steps to close the case.
    14. The assessment marking will be focused on the following criteria:
      • Safe approach to address the breakdown
      • Customer care
      • Pre-checks and fault confirmation
      • Logical process to diagnose the fault
      • Time spent on the repair
      • Usage of the knowledge acquired during the theoretical sessions
      • Team work
      • Personal automotive technical skills
      • Success of repair
    15. In case of a tie in the global ranking, the team with the highest score in the customer care/service for the 4 workshops would be privileged.
    16. During the assessments involving works on a vehicle, participants should refer to the trainer as a customer; no help or course related questions are authorised.
    17. Participants are expected to interact with the customer in the same way as in a real-life scenario.
    18. The interpreter is not allowed to intervene if his/her team does not require a translation.
    19. The guests are not allowed to access the assessment’s delimited zones unless accompanied by a member of the organization team.
    20. Participants are expected to keep the working area clean and tidy. Points will be allocated for housekeeping and cleanliness.
    21. Participants should not introduce extra faults while working. Should they have any doubt, they should refer to the trainer once the assessment has finished.


    • €625 per team (1 member of road patrol, 1 road patrol trainer or 1 interpreter, should the team require one)
    • €100 per guest

    Dress code

    • Training and contest: patrol uniforms (the training and the contest will be in- and outdoors).
    • Social program: casual and rain jacket/coat.


    Participation is limited and registration is done on a first come, first serve basis.

    The event will include both training and assessment sessions. During the assessment, the participants are organised in Club teams and receive points based on performance.

    The teams are expected to identify the cause of breakdown on various vehicles and to repair them.

    Criteria for evaluation

    • Safe way to address the breakdown
    • Customer service
    • Time spent for the repair
    • Usage of the knowledge acquired during the theoretical sessions
    • Team work
    • Own automotive technical knowledge
    • Success of repair


    One team per Club with:

    • 1 member of road patrol
    • 1 road patrol trainer or interpreter


    He/she should not have participated at least in the last edition of the Road Patrol Training for Excellence.

    He/she should not have been involved in the trainer team in the last edition of the RPTfE.

    Patrol Trainer:

    He/she should not have participated at least in the last edition of the Road Patrol Training for Excellence.

                   Exceptions :

    Should an organisation have only one trainer among their employees, this trainer is entitled to enrol and to participate 2 years in a row in the RPTfE. However, it is up to the organisation committee to assess the enrolment case by case to make the final decision.


    • The interpreter helps his/her team whenever in case of a language barrier
    • There is no restriction for the interpreters to participate in the RPTfE several times
    • Interpreters can be present during the assignments. However, only the team members (road patrol member and road patrol trainer) are strictly allowed to perform the assignments.
    • The interpreter is not allowed to intervene if his/her team does not require a translation.


    The guests are not allowed to be present during the assignments not perform the assignment.

    Should a team not follow these rule, the organising committee might decide on disqualification.


    The training and assessment sessions will be in English. The teams who do not speak English are encouraged to come with their own translator.

    Patrol Cars / Roadside Tools

    • Participants should come with their own fully equipped road patrol cars and diagnostic devices.
    • The teams will be asked to use road patrol equipment during the assignments of the contest. Having own equipment will increase the chance of success.
    • If needed host organisation ACL will have a few road patrol cars available for the teams who are unable to bring their own.
    • If your Club needs a car or equipment, please inform the organisational team before the event.
    • All participants are required to bring their own diagnostics tool, even if they cannot come with their own road patrol car.


    • All participants – with exception of the cases hereunder are eligible to be granted the “Road Patrol of the Year 2022 award based on their performance during the assessment.
      • Participants of which the same Club also provides the training
      • Clubs who are not members of both ARC Europe and FIA Networks
    • Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.
    • In case of changes in team participants please inform the organisation as soon as possible

    In case of a tie in the global ranking, the team with the highest score in the customer care for the 4 workshops would be privileged.


    17-20 October

     Cascais – Lisbon, Portugal

    Monday 17 October       Parking available

    Until 14:00         Arrival of teams

    Until 14:30         Lunch/snack at the hotel (Restaurante Mourisco)

    13:30-15:30       Registration

    16:00                   Group picture with road patrol cars and exhibition at Circuito Estoril

    (From 15.00-19.00 Hotel- Circuit shuttle buses are available every 30 minutes)

    16:30-17:30       Presentation of teams and road patrol cars / diagnostic tools

    17:30-18:30       Free time

    19:00-21:00       Welcome drink and dinner at the hotel (Sintra Room)


    Tuesday 18 October        Parking available

    07:00-08:00       Breakfast at the hotel

    08:15                   Participants drive or be transferred to the training venue Circuito Estoril)

    08:30-12:00       1st part of the training and the assessment

    12:00-13:30       Lunch at the training venue

    13:30-17:00       2nd part of the training and the assessment

    17:00-19:30       Social Activity – Wacky Races (Circuito Estoril)

    20:00                   Dinner in “Fogo de Chão”, Cascais City Center


    Wednesday 19 October Parking available

    07:00-08:00       Breakfast at the hotel

    08:15                   Participants drive or be transferred to the training venue (Circuito Estoril)

    08:30-12:00       1st part of the training and the assessment

    12:00-13:30       Lunch at training centre

    13:30-17:00       2nd part of the training and the assessment

    From 17:00        Free time

    Counting of the results


    Thursday 20 October     Parking available

    07:30-09:00       Breakfast at the hotel

    09:00-11:30       Feedback and evaluation (Pestana Sintra hotel)

    11:30-12:30       Award ceremony (Sintra Room)

    12:30-14:30       Lunch and farewell (Sintra Room)




    • Arriving by car:

    When arriving by road patrol car, please park your car at the parking in front of the hotel, on the left side as you enter the hotel premises. You can also park the car along the street in front the hotel.

    • Arriving by plane:

    When arriving by plane, you can find information on the transport and can book online in advance your taxi via the Lisbon Airport website: www.lisbon-airport.com. The taxi would cost approximately cost 45€ from the airport to Cascais and 40€ from the airport to Estoril or Sintra. Uber service is also available.

    • Hotel address:

    Quinta da Beloura, Rua Mato da Mina, nº19, 2710-692 Sintra, Portugal
    Telephone:  +351 21 042 4300

    Please note that the group picture will take place at the Circuito Estoril at 16:00 and the Welcome Drink will take place at the hotel Pestana Sintra from 19:00. Transfer between the two locations will be organised. All teams are requested to wear their uniform for the group picture.

    Training venue:

    The training venue is in Circuito Estoril that is located 3km away from the hotel and it takes 10 minutes to get there by car.

    Transfers will be organised for all participants without road patrol car to the Circuito Estoril and back.

    Circuito Estoril address:

    Av. Alfredo César Torres, 2646-901 Alcabideche, Portugal

    Telephone: +351 21 460 95 00

     Social Activity: WACKY RACE


    Wacky Races is based on the dynamics of building a vehicle, which involves the entire team in several linked tasks.

    The programme is split in three central stages:

    1. The Project – The activity begins with the definition of the project, considering the material provided to them. Of course, a deadline will be given to present and validate the project!
    2. The Construction – The construction implies the preparation of the vehicle but also the decoration of the vehicle itself.
    3. Wacky Race – A race, with the vehicles, which involves the entire team. An obstacle course that will require all the skills of the team will be set up. All team members must race, with the possibility of changing, at each lap, the crew of the car – driver and “engine” – to complete the greatest number of laps in a maximum time of 5 minutes.

    Each team will have to get involved in the challenge presented and organize itself to carry out a set of actions, and the division of tasks within each team will make all the difference in the result.


    Planning, creativity, communication, and teamwork are components developed by this dynamic and enhanced by the equipment used.


    Each team will receive a box. Inside, teams will have the following items at their disposal:

    • Parts KIT.
    • Paper, cardboard, crepe paper …
    • Various drawing, painting, cutting and gluing tools.
    • A cloth pole and flag.
    • Helmets and Overalls (disposable).

    Dinner venue:

    Restaurant ‘Fogo de Chão’, Rua Carlos Ribeiro 50 Jardim Visconde da Luz, Cascais 2750-311

    Things to do in Cascais

    We are glad to welcome you for the Road Patrol Training for Excellence in Portugal. You won’t have a lot of free time, but you do have the opportunity to go out on Wednesday evening. To help you get around we have collected some recommendations for you:


    A bus will be available for transfer to Cascais in the evening of 19 October. Uber/taxi are also at your service.

    Visit Cascais

    Cascais’s history as a popular seaside resort originated in the 1870s, when King Luís I of Portugal and the Portuguese royal family made the seaside town their residence every September, thus also attracting members of the Portuguese nobility, who established a summer community there. Cascais is known for the many members of royalty who have lived there, including King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, when he was the Duke of Windsor, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, and King Umberto II of Italy. Exiled Cuban president Fulgencio Batista was also once a resident of the municipality. The Casino Estoril inspired Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel Casino Royale.

    The municipality is one of the wealthiest in both Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula. It has one of the most expensive real estate markets and one of the highest costs of living in the country and is consistently ranked highly for its quality of life.

    Cascais is a very captivating destination. During the day there is so much to do and see, such as relaxing at the beach or visiting the cliff formation of Boca do Inferno.

    You will find in your welcome package a series of guides and maps of Cascais. For more information, please check Cascais Sightseeing – Things to See in and do in Cascais (cascais-portugal.com)

    Going out – End your trip with a drink in some of the cool spots

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